We believe in five core values: Respect, Responsibility, Trust, Excellence and Integrity. Each plays an integral role in our global business operations and serves to anchor our company in an increasingly complex and demanding world.

At Braiform we are very aware of our responsibilities to our people and our planet and have put into place many sustainability and human resource initiatives.

We believe in five core values: Respect, Responsibility, Trust, Excellence and Integrity. Each plays an integral role in our global business operations and serves to anchor our company in an increasingly complex and demanding world. Braiform upholds these values in its own operations and is committed to working with reputable business partners who demonstrate the same dedication to ethical business standards and practices as Braiform does.

Braiform will keep striving to demonstrate full compliance with local country laws, and procure safe, quality products for our customers with respect for the ethical standards, environmental requirement, consideration of individuals, and communities where products are manufactured and sourced.


Waste Management Programs are extremely important at Braiform and we aim to recycle 99.5% of all returns from store including any by-products of the Re-use Program:

  • Cardboard collection boxes are broken down and re-used if suitable, if they have been damaged in transit the waste card is recycled.
  • Steel hooks and clips from the hangers that are no longer fit for the Re-use Program are extracted from the plastic hanger body and are recycled.
  • All waste PE film generated is recycled, including any shrink-wrap and returned shopping bags.
  • Braiform collect and shred hangers for a number of clients, including those who are not part of the Re-use Program.
  • Braiform’s re-use infrastructure also helps our retail partners save money on their waste removal as a value added service. As an example, Braiform recycle many GNFR items such as mannequins and pharmacy bottles.

All of our UK recycling partners have a Waste Carriers Licence. 


We, the Braiform Group, are committed to being the world leader in providing global solutions for retail. To make this a reality we offer a complete range of innovative products and services that meet the current and future needs of our customers.

Core to Braiform’s operations is the in house quality management system (QMS) honed and refined over many years specifically designed to support industry leading quality levels and product performance throughout the supply chain.

The Braiform QMS achieves;

  • A defined standard of minimum acceptable quality.
  • A solid foundation from which to achieve continuous improvement.

Braiform utilizes business partners who provide their workers with a safe and healthy work environment. We assist in the continued development of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System practices at our supplier sites to ensure we have transparency over the OH&S risks onsite and are able to improve performances associated with the organizational structure, planning activities, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources for developing, implementing, achieving, reviewing and maintaining the relevant policy.

Sustainable supply chains - sedex

Braiform is extremely dedicated to ensuring our supply chain is both environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible. Our production facilities comply not only with local labour and health and safety laws but also meet the high standards set out in our client’s own code of conduct strategies. Braiform’s production facilities are audited by our clients on a regular basis, both announced and unannounced to ensure compliance in all areas. These ongoing relationships form part of a continuous improvement partnership between retailer and Braiform to, not only achieve the basic required standard, but drive better conditions, fair wages and safe environments. Our facilities have global accreditation from some of the world’s largest global retailers such as:

  • Walmart/ASDA Supplier Standards
  • C&A Responsible Sourcing Networks (RSN)
  • M&S Plan A & Global Sourcing Principles
  • H&M Supplier Compliance Program
  • NEXT Code of Practise Policy

As part of Braiform’s responsible manufacturing plans we recently became full members of SEDEX (the supplier of ethical data exchange) to provide full transparency to our clients of our multi-tier supply base and are working towards ensuring every aspect of our supply base is registered and using the database. Braiform is very excited about this relationship and the transparency of the supply chain it provides both us and our clients.

sustainable product and life cycle design

At Braiform we constantly investigate techniques to ensure our designs are sustainable; from new materials to sustainable design elements we are passionate about leading the way in sustainable hanger design.

On the 1st July 2015 Braiform won the Waste Prevention Award at the National Recycling Awards 2015 for our industry leading work in the field of hanger re-use and recycling. The National Recycling Awards recognise and highlight the excellence and innovation present throughout the recycling and resource management sector.


For over a decade Braiform has been successfully supplying a number of European retailers with product engineered to the Durkopp specification. Braiform’s continuous improvement engineers, working closely with our retailer partners and engineers from Durkopp and our client’s distribution personnel, continue to innovate and adjust to changing market needs.

Recently, Braiform has introduced a new and improved design which further reduces downtime and droppage through the latest high speed sortation systems. In recent tests, Braiform has regularly excelled and achieved industry-leading compliance.


In 1997 the UK Packaging Regulations were introduced into the United Kingdom to reduce the amount of packaging waste that ends up in global landfills each year.

Braiform alongside Comply Direct complete an annual Packaging Regulation submission to ensure that we are compliant within the regulatory standards and doing our bit to reduce as much land waste as possible.


Braiform is currently working alongside the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to ensure we continually achieve maximum efficiencies within our garment hanger re-use circular business model.

Braiform strongly believe in the Circular Economy/Business Model as it restorative by design, aiming to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value. A circular economy is a global economic model that decouples economic growth and development from the consumption of finite resources. It distinguishes between and separates technical and biological materials, keeping them at their highest value at all times. Braiform focuses on effective garment hanger and packaging design and use of sustainable materials to optimize their flow with the re-use system.

Working alongside Ellen MacArthur provides us with the opportunity to identify innovation within garment hanger and packaging product design as well as our service and business models. Through collaboration with Ellen MacArthur we have been able to fine tune efficiencies with our extensive global re-use network to ensure a resilient garment hanger re-use system, able to work in the longer term.

Customs Accerditation - c-tpat certified

Braiform expects that our suppliers establish facility security procedures in; access control, physical control, procedural security, personnel security, security education and awareness, to guard against the introduction of non-manifested cargo into outbound shipments. Such items would include drugs, biological agent, explosives, weapons, radioactive material, illegal aliens, and other contraband.

A Braiform supplier/production partner is required to comply with all domestic laws, rules and regulations governing the sale, use, or shipment of contraband, ensuring that legal and regulatory security program requirements are met, including, but not limited to, the Bureau of C-TPAT. Braiform has recently secured a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Binding Ruling for the use of its manufactured plastic hangers as Instruments of International Traffic (IIT) where they are released in the US without entry or payment of duty, a great benefit for Braiform and our retail partners.

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