Today’s Braiform was born out of Spotless, Braitrim and Plastiform. Discover the Braiform pathway to success.

The History of Braiform

Braiform is the global leader in the supply of garment hangers, packaging and GNFR solutions to the retail industry.

Each year we supply in conjuntion with our licensees, close to three billion hanger units, re-use more than one billion and recycle more than 200 million garment hangers. Complementary to this, Braiform provides print and packaging solutions including artwork design, packaging design and digital pre-press services. We are a one-stop-shop for retailers, doing everything we can to get your products ready for the shop floor.

Global retailers benefit from our footprint in over 30 countries, meaning we can offer our product locally, saving on international transport costs.

Every Braiform product innovation must pass a simple test; it must enhance the desirability of the garment for the end user. We're aware of our responsibilities to our people and our planet and have put into place many sustainabiltiy and human resource initiatives. 


Plastiform, a USA hanger manufacturer with niche value add in the "top sizing" concept, pioneered the Hanger Re-use Program and was acquired by Spotless in 1990.


Braitrim was the leading European hanger and packaging supplier based in London. Spotless acquired Braitrim in the year 2000.


In 2003, Spotless consolidated the two acquired businesses. Plastiform and Braitrim now become Braiform.

Ownership Change

Braiform changes ownership from Spotless to Pacific Equity Partners (PEP), a large private equity firm.


Managment buyout by senior leadership members Graeme Rutherford and Ben Hunt, resulting in Braiform becoming a privately owned company.

Today's Braiform

Today Braiform supplies in excess of 2.5 billion hangers, re-uses 1 billion and recycles 250 million each year.

Alongside the garment hanger division Braiform has a complimentary packaging divison creating value add products, services and solutions.

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