eBiz is Braiform's global custom designed, one-platform, web-based management information system, streamlining the order and fulfilment process for our customers.


The on-time, cost effective global distribution of garment hangers presents a critical logistics challenge. We recognise that information transparency regarding the flow of garment hangers to retailers is the cornerstone of our successful business partnerships.

eBiz is our custom built, cross-platform, web-based management information system which streamlines the order and fulfilment process for our customers.

Anywhere in the world, Braiform customers can logon to eBiz to order, track the delivery status or access product information.

eBiz's one-stop, secure information portal also increases speed to market via instantaneous 24/7 access to Braiform data, the avoidance of time zone restrictions and improved supply-chain management.

eBiz processes over 1000 orders each day from over 30 countries in over 20 different currencies.

eBiz simplifies retailer operations by providing:

  • Real-time pricing with sliding scales
  • Real-time credit controls by discrete order
  • Real-time order analysis
  • Real-time interfaces with region specific accounting and stock management systems
  • Multiple currency order applications
  • Multilingual interface
  • E-Invoice, eco-friendly paperless transactions

eBiz can interface to retailer ERP platforms and provide a dedicated business-to-business portal, enabling retailers to manage and track orders end-to-end throughout the order life-cycle.

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