We recognise that outstanding garment hanger design requires creative excellence, market insight and commercial vision.

Braiform caters for every garment requiring a hanger as we work in partnership with retailers to deliver the most suitable display option for their garment. Our design's ensure that the garment hanger will maximise garment display  and ease of handling while optimising manufacturing efficiencies and cost competitiveness.

If the ideal hanger for your garment does not exist, our in-house design specialists will develop it for you.

A Braiform hanger is designed to:

  • Safeguard garments
  • Be durable
  • Be cost competitive
  • Help garments stand out from the crowd
  • Be versatile – design for all weights and sizes
  • Enhance the customers in-store experience

At the heart of every Braiform hanger is reliability. Braiform's hangers are designed to withstand the rigors of transit, store life, in-store presentation, and re-use. At the same time they are designed to hang and care for delicate garments.

examples of garment hanger design

Garment Hanger Design

Braiform has a long standing and experienced Product Design Team who, during the hanger development process, consider many design and production factors that have been honed over our 40 years of experience.

The Hanger Design Team has in-depth knowledge of manufacturing technologies, production processes, materials, supply chain logistics, re-use requirements, retailer and in-house quality standards as well as how to best transport and display garments.

The Braiform product development process is adapted to suit each design project. Primarily, in addition to extensive market research, our design teams will liaise with the Braiform Key Account Managers and often accompany them to work directly with the client/retailer. Quickly moving from concept sketches to 3D CAD we can present photo-realistic drawings to give an appreciation of the hanger’s design. Rapid Prototype Models provide a real feel for the form and function of the hanger. Once the client is happy and the design is approved, the same 3D CAD files are used to generate comprehensive production quotes.

At Braiform we are always on the lookout for fresh ideas. To that end we continually run design competitions and sponsorship internships with some of the UK's leading Universities. Our connection with the world renowned Design and Engineering Department at Brunel University and commitment to our Design Team has enabled us to employ highly skilled in-house Product Design Engineers.

Garment Hanger Production

Once an approved design, where productivity, efficiency and environmental benefits have been considered, the Braiform Operations Team carry out robust checks to ensure production quality is rigorously enforced during the production process.

Braiform’s uniquely developed Quality Management System (QMS) underpins all production locations, irrespective of their own accreditation to professional bodies such as ISO. We have a skilled global technical team covering all regions but headquartered in the Far East, where the majority of our manufacturing volumes originate, this team supports regional QA teams who react to any quality issues and assist in developing solutions to our client’s specific requirements.

Braiform have multiple delivery options including road, sea, sea and air, and air freight. Our team will arrange specific freight options tailored to the clients/retailers requirements and geographic location.


Braiform is one of the largest providers of Garment on Hanger (GOH) programs globally, supplying in excess of 2.5  billion units of GOH hanger sales annually. 

The overriding principle of the Garment on Hanger Program is to improve the retailer’s operational efficiency by providing garments to the point of sale (retailer) on the correct style of hanger, avoiding costly rehanging on-site and improving garment presentation. As garments are delivered to store on the display hanger there is no need to hold a stock level of hangers in store. The GOH program also allows sales staff in store to focus on customer service instead of allocating precious time to prepare garments for the retail floor.

We currently have thousands of designs in our GOH product catalogue, all of which can be customised/tailored to suit your brand through different printing options, colours and sizers. Our professional team are able to provide you with expert guidance and support to ensure they select the hangers that best suit your needs.


The right Braiform Bespoke Wooden Hanger will not only look great in store but will:

  • Complement your garments
  • Reinforce your brand story
  • Protect your delicate fabrics and garment embellishments
  • Display the garments profile true-to-wear
  • Provide size, range and consumer messaging
  • Increase ease of handling and decrease the drop rate of your garments

All elevating your customer's experience in store.

Click here to view the Braiform Bespoke Wooden Hanger Style Guide

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