Each year Braiform's Re-use Program saves billions of hangers and accessories from ending up in landfill sites worldwide.


Since their invention garment hangers have had one significant drawback. Every week, millions upon millions of them end up in landfill or resource-burning recycling programs. It was clear that in an increasingly sustainable world something more had to be done. So Braiform did it.

In 1995 Braiform introduced its comprehensive Garment Hanger Re-use Program. It works on a simplistic philosophy that a hanger can be used many times over before it needs to be recycled. The closed-loop process allows us and our clients to work together to provide a truly sustainable solution.

For over thirty years, Braiform has been servicing major retailers and garment suppliers worldwide for all hanger needs. We have patented hundreds of hanger designs, customised hangers for dozens of customers and constantly improved our manufacturing and distribution methods.

Over the last fifteen years we have applied this knowledge to perfect an easy to use and eco-friendly re-use program that benefits not only the environment, but your bottom line.

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Each year Braiform re-use over 1 billion hangers.

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Garment Hangers Re-used by Braiform


By engaging a single supplier to manage the re-use process and following the necessary procedures, your organisation stands to make significant improvements in efficiency and expenditure. Braiform can even monitor your re-use activity and advise on how to maximise those efficiencies. The hangers we provide are specially designed to go through the cycle many times and still appear in top condition in-store.

Under this program retailers can reduce costs and improve efficiencies by extending the lifespan of a garment hanger beyond a single use. Returned hangers are cleaned, repacked and re-distributed ready to be used again. This significantly curbs consumption rates of raw materials and reduces overall green-house gas emissions.

In a nutshell:

  • Lower cost hanger over the life of the program
  • Lower import duty and duty drawback
  • Reduced administration and inventory management costs
  • Limited exposure to raw material price fluctuations
  • Reduced waste management costs
  • Reduced in store labour costs
  • Lower carbon footprint and ongoing environmental benefits

Re-use is a true partnership between retailers, garment manufacturers and Braiform - for a more sustainable and efficient approach to garment hanger usage, there is no better solution than Braiform’s Re-use Program.

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How does Re-use work?

  1. Cashier in store removes the garment from the hanger.
  2. It is then placed in a Braiform box located under the counter.
  3. When full, the boxes are collected at the back of the store and labelled with pre-printed labels containing the stores details.
  4. The box is then sent back to the retailers distributions centre and onto the Braiform Re-use Facility.
  5. The re-use hangers are sorted, cleaned and re-packed.
  6. Re-usable hangers are then sent back to the garment manufacturer to be reinserted into the supply chain.


Although Braiform strive to maximise the number of hangers re-used within our client programmes, there are always those that have come to the end of their usable life, either broken, dirty or obsolete. These hangers are not put back into the waste stream to end up in landfill - Braiform recycle these and re-use the raw materials back in virgin production of new garment hangers. 

The Recycling Process:

  1. Hangers that are not to be re-used are separated from the re-use stream during the sorting process.
  2. Hangers that are to be recycled are shredded and polymers and metals separated.
  3. The shredded pieces then go through a number of cleaning and sorting processes to separate the various polymers and return the material to a usable virgin state.
  4. Raw materials are distributed across Braiform's production sites and used in the production of virgin hangers.

Further Sustainable Practices at Braiform

Braiform Waste Management Programmes

Waste Management Programs are extremely important at Braiform and we aim to recycle 99.5% of all returns from store including any by-products of the Re-use program:

  • Cardboard collection boxes are broken down and re-used if suitable, if they have been damaged in transit the waste card is recycled.
  • The steel hooks from the hangers that are no longer fit for the Re-use Program are extracted from the plastic hanger body and are recycled.
  • All waste PE film generated is recycled, including any shrink-wrap and returned shopping bags.
  • Braiform collect and shred hangers for a number of clients, including those who are not part of the Re-use Program.

All of our recycling partners have a Waste Carriers Licence.

Carbon Foot Printing 

Braiform operates a Continuous Improvement Group on-site at the Re-use facilities, looking for opportunities to reduce the Braiform Carbon Footprint. This group has lead various recent initiatives in the last year:

  • Installation of an updated Gas Control System to reduce gas used for heating of 25%.
  • Recent installation of Powasava units to incoming electricity supplies, reducing electricity usage by 8%.
  • Forecasted upgrades of all facility lighting in 2014, equating to a saving of 60% in electricity consumption.

In 2014 Braiform has worked closely with the Carbon Trust to not only gauge our current Carbon Footprint but also to put in targets and measures to improve this on an annual basis.

Sustainable Product Design

At Braiform we constantly investigate techniques to ensure our designs are sustainable; from new materials to sustainable design elements we are passionate about leading the way in sustainable hanger design.

  • The Braiform Re-use Range provides a sustainable option to hanger re-use as it increases the life expectancy of the hanger by making it a universal product.
  • Often hangers cannot be re-used as they are branded with company logos and/or garment sizes. The Braiform removable plaque feature returns the hanger to its blank state allowing it to be re-used, re-branded and re-sized.

Sustainable Supply Chains 

In addition to sustainable product design Braiform is extremely dedicated to ensuring our supply chain is both environmental sustainable and ethically responsible. Braiform now work alongside SEDEX (the supplier of ethical data exchange), a non for profit membership organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains. Braiform is very excited about this relationship and the transparency of the supply chain it provides both us and our clients.


At Braiform we are very aware of our responsibilities to our people and our planet and have put into place many sustainability and human resource initiatives. We are proud to accept and display awards bestowed on us in recognition of these efforts.

National Business Leaders 2016

Presented a National Business Leaders Award

Nov 2016

Braiform was presented a National Business Leaders Award at the UK House of Commons, Westminster Palace on the 11th November 2016. The winning paper has now been published in the 2016 Business Leaders Yearbook so that others can learn from our experience and endeavours in the Garment Hanger Re-use Industry.

international CSR awards 2016

Silver Winner - Retail and Supply Category

August 2016

We are very excited to announce that Braiform has been announced as the Silver Winner in the Retail and Supply Category at this year's International CSR Awards. The global winners were announced at The Crystal, London on August 8th 2016.

National CSR Awards 2016

Winner - Reduce, Re-use, Recycle Category

May 2016

Braiform has been announced the winner of the Reduce, Re-use and Recycle Category at this year's National CSR Awards, held at The Crystal, London, on the 12th of May.

The National CSR Awards celebrates business excellence and innovation in Corporate Social Responsibility across Sustainability, Carbon Footprinting, Community Development, Staff Welfare, Education and Leadership. This award recognises our industry leading work in the field of garment hanger re-use and recycling.

Headline Business Awards 2016

National Silver Winner - Large Business

April 2016

We are very excited to announce that Braiform has been announced as the National Silver Winner at this year's Headline Business Awards, recognising businesses that are leading the way and making headlines in their industries. The winners were announced on April 25th at St. Martins-in-the-Fileds, Trafalgar Square.

Better Society Awards 2016

Shortlisted - Waste Management and Recycling Program of the Year

Feb 2016

Braiform has been shortlisted in this year's Better Society Awards and is now a finalist in the Waste Management and Recycling Category, recognising our industry leading work in the field of re-use and recycling. The winners will be announced on the 12th May at the Millennium Hotel, Mayfair.

The Circulars

Shortlisted - The People's Choice Award

Jan 2016

The Circulars, an initiative of the World Economic Forum and the Forum of Young Global Leaders, is the world’s premier circular economy awards program and last year, from over 200 entries across 8 distinct categories, we were selected as a shortlisted finalist in the People's Choice Category. Our shortlisted entry has now been profiled in the 2016 Circulars Yearbook - check it out below.

The 2016 Circulars Yearbook


Winner - Waste Prevention Category

July 2015

We are very excited to announce that Braiform has won the Waste Prevention Award at this year's MRW National Recycling Awards, recognising our industry leading work in the field of re-use and recycling. The winners were announced on July 1st at the prestigious London Hilton, Park Lane, where the key players in the industry came together for a night of recognition and celebration of the sector's achievements.

UK Packaging Awards

Highly Commended

July 2013

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